GQ Development Interactive?

We are a creative web design & development agency serving Los Angeles, CA, as well as Orange County, and Northern California. We provide our clients with high quality web design (XHTML/CSS, Web 2.0, SEO) & web applications (PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Ajax, XML, ASP.NET, C#), logo design, graphic design and internet hosting services. Our designers endeavor to create beautiful designs that makes your business stand out.

Our Services

GQ Dev Interactive is committed to leveraging today’s most innovative web-based technologies to promote your business.

GQ DEV Interactive delivers custom solutions that are designed to help you realize your strategic vision for success. At GQ Dev, successful custom solutions are achieved through personalized service built around extensive client collaboration.

Before GQ Dev Interactive begins work on your website, our team leaders and business development professionals assist you in establishing a detailed assessment of the technology solutions that will be most effective in achieving your company’s strategic objectives. GQ Dev team leaders, business development professionals and technology experts help you understand how various technology solutions will impact your business’s bottom-line.

Our Team

We have a very qualified and special team of consultants with extensive experience in web design, application development, Graphics, Art, and search engine optimization. Our success lies in our commitment to mastering the most advanced technologies available today.

Roozbeh Kavian
Founder, Chief Technology Officer
As Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Roozbeh Kavian is responsible for the strategic development, implementation and operations of the technology infrastructure of GQ Dev Interactive. With over ten years of leadership and web development experience, Roozbeh supports the growth of GQ Dev’s users, developers and partners around the world.


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